Employment Law

    Assistance (both in Court and extra Court) on the followings matters:

  • Draft of employment contracts (subordinate employment, self-employment, consultancy agreements, project work contracts);
  • Disciplinary procedures;
  • Individual dismissals;
  • Transfer of employees, change of duties and of other terms of the employment contract;
  • Assistance for tax issues related to salaries;
  • Claims for the relabeling of a self-employment into a subordinate employment;
  • Claims related to salaries deriving from wrong classification of employees;
  • Arbitration and settlement agreements, including those before union commissions;
  • Credit collection;
  • Trade Unions law;
  • Mass redundancies;
  • Information and consultation procedures with unions (collective dismissal and transfer of undertaking);
  • Draft of:
  • a) non competition agreements;
    b) confidentiality agreements;
    c) retention agreements;
    d) non enticement agreements;
    e) bonus plan
  • Assistance in case of inspection by labour authorities, also before the Court. Assistance in case of injunction.
  • Agency and distribution contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Assistance (both in Court and extra Court) on the followings matters:
  • Sale and purchase agreements;
  • Preliminary agreements;
  • Deed to property
  • Rental agreements;
  • Rent to buy;
  • Evictions;
  • Credit collection